Jorge Fustamante

Jorge has extensive experience in exploration, specifically in the fields of administration, finance, logistics and law, acquired over his 10 years of work in the mining industry.

Jorge is a Peruvian residing in Lima, and currently serves as General Manager of the Peruvian-Canadian company, MPX Geoservices Peru SAC, where he is responsible for the efficient management of the company, including human resources, logistics, legal, and finance.

Before joining MPX, Jorge served in the mining sector as corporate manager, industry consultant and advisor for global mining companies, responsible for managing revenue and cost elements. Ensuring the sales and marketing functions of the company, as well as operations, Jorge, for several years, was Project Manager at Bradley MDH SAC (the Bradley Bros. Ltd. Group from Canada), one of the top mining services companies in Peru.

Jorge, in his role as General Manager will oversee daily administrative and corporate aspects of the company. He has degrees in Financial Accounting, Law and Political Science, which gives him the ability to quickly identify the key elements of a situation and propose innovative strategies to achieve all objectives.

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