Our Aircraft

All MPX aircraft and survey platforms are equipped with an onboard flight-following system configured for real-time position updates. Knowing where our aircraft and crews are during survey operations is just one example of how we prioritize safety at MPX.

  • Jet Ranger BIII

    Bell Jet Ranger BIII in survey configuration. The survey platform comprises a single sensor magnetic / radiometric system with onboard dual frequency GPS, Laser / Radar Altimetry and Imaging System. Photo taking in December 2016 on project in Mexico
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  • Long Ranger L3

    Bell Long Ranger L3 - 2 survey platforms flying in Colombia. The survey platforms comprise of single and gradient magnetics/radiometrics with onboard dual frequency GPS, Radar/Laser Altimetry and Imagining System. LIDAR can be added to the survey configuration.
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  • AS350B3

    AS350B3 flying in Peru. Photo taking while on project in 2016. Installation includes single sensor magnetics/radiometrics, dual frequency GPS, laser altimeter and imaging system.
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  • Piper PA31 Navajo

    Piper PA31 Navajo - in Northern Canada in 2016. Both PA31 survey aircraft comprised of a 3 sensor gradient system with 8.4 l upward & 50.4 l downward looking detectors. Installation also includes dual frequency GPS, laser altimetry and VLF electromagnetics
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  • Cessna 206

    Cessna 206
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  • King Air 90

    Long known for its quality, the Beechcraft King Air is a safe, reliable, and versatile aircraft, uniquely suited to perform a variety of flight services. This photo was taken from the southern parts of Chile in 2016. This survey platform comprised of a total field magnetometer and hyperspectral configuration.
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  • C208B Caravan

    C208B Caravan
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