Our Capabilities

MPX offers a complete suite of airborne geophysical survey equipment, using either fixed wing or helicopter platforms.

MPX Geophysics Capibilities


Our airborne geophysical technologies include magnetics, radiometrics, gravity and LiDAR. Our services include data acquisition, managing data quality control in the field, final data processing, report and final map production and data interpretation if required by the client.

  • Geophysical Survey Equipment

    A variety of survey equipment is available at MPX which can be custom configured to optimize your project needs. Experienced professionals are available to assist you when selecting and planning your survey.
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  • Quality Control

    It is MPX Geophysics' general practise to ensure that good quality data is collected and processed at each stage of the project. To support this goal a geophysicist and/or QA/QC specialist is sent into the field with full field-office capabilities to monitor and report on the following:
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  • Data Processing

    All field data are sent from the field back to the main office in Markham, ON to again be reviewed by a geophysicist for the QA / QC requirements before they are fully processed to produce the data, grid, map and report products requested by the client.
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  • Interpretation Modelling

    The main purpose to any geophysical survey is to gain additional information about the geology and structures present in your area of interest in order to help support your company's future project plans.
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  • Report & Map Products

    Each MPX Geophysics report will contain detailed information regarding the survey area and operations, aircraft & equipment, instrument checks and calibrations, quality control and data processing techniques.
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