Data Processing

All field data are sent from the field back to the main office in Markham, ON to again be reviewed by a geophysicist for the QA / QC requirements before they are fully processed to produce the data, grid, map and report products requested by the client.

Basic Suite of Product Components offered for each survey:

  • Report (hard copy & .pdf)
  • Databases (.gdb & .xyz)
  • Grids (.grd)
  • Maps (hard copy full scale plots, hard copy page size plot in report, .map & .pdf - .shp or .geotiff available for an additional cost)
  • Full Project Metadata (.txt & .pdf)
  • Flown survey and claim block Polygons (.ply)

Products Offered for each Survey Type:

  • Flight Path
  • Digital Terrain Model
  • Any Grid Draped on Topography

Typical Magnetic Products:

  • Total Magnetic Intensity (TMI)
  • TMI IGRF Reduced to the Magnetic Pole (or Equator)
  • First Vertical Derivative (1VD)

Optional Magnetic Products:

  • TMI with IGRF removed (TMI IGRF)
  • Second Vertical Derivative (2VD)
  • Calculated Horizontal Derivative
  • Measured Horizontal Gradient
  • Calculated Analytical Signal (AS)
  • Magnetic Tilt Derivative

Typical Radiometric Products:

  • Total Count
  • Uranium (eq U)
  • Thorium (eq Th)
  • Potassium (K)
  • eq U / eq Th Ratio
  • eq U / K Ratio
  • eq Th / K Ratio
  • Ternary Map (eq U / eq Th / K)

Typical Gravity Products:

  • Free-Air Gravity
  • Terrain Corrected Bouguer Gravity
  • 1VD of Terrain Corrected Bouguer Gravity

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