MobileMT - Surveying in Ecuador!

Airborne MobileMT System Overview

The airborne MobileMT geophysical survey is being managed by MPX Geophysics Ltd. (Canada-based) who is employing an airborne geophysical system designed and built by Expert Geophysics Limited (Canada-based).  MobileMT is the most advanced generation of airborne AFMAG technologies that uses naturally occurring electromagnetic fields in the frequency range between 25 Hz and 20,000 Hz. The technology behind MobileMT is the product of the latest advances in electronics, airborne system design, and sophisticated signal processing techniques. An aerodynamic, light-weight, airborne bird is towed by a helicopter with the airborne bird measuring variations of the magnetic field, while a ground station measures variation of the electric field. The ratio of the magnetic and electric field magnitudes in both in-phase and out-of-phase components provides analytic parameters in selected bands of frequencies. The advanced noise processing technique of both electronic and signal processing levels ensures high data quality even for low natural EM fields. A cesium-vapour magnetometer is used for the total magnetic field recording.

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