Meet The Team

Meet the incredible MPX Geophysics team we've curated over the last 14 years to provide you with the highest quality services.

  • Daniel J. McKinnon

    Daniel started his career in the base metal mines of New Brunswick (Canada). He has been associated with MPX since 2006 and through a hands-on approach to operations , has developed a comprehensive understanding of the business, with key elements of his personality, namely attention to detail, safety and teamwork becoming indelibly imprinted on the corporate ethos of the organization.
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  • Marco Nieto, M.SC, PGeo

    Marco obtained his Geologist degree at Universidad Nacional de Colombia and studied a Master in Science in Geophysics at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. Marco has 13 years of experience in Geophysical and Geological Exploration, with experience in metal ore deposit exp...
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  • Yury Abreu

    Yury Abreu is a geologist specializing in Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology. At the beginning of his career he consolidated as a consultant in the underground water area, working mainly in the hydrocarbon sector and sometimes in government projects in his native country, Colombia.
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  • Roger Holford, FCCA FCA

    Roger S.  Holford FCCA FCA, Global Comptroller A British trained Chartered Accountant, Roger  is a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants of England and Wales as well as a Fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados. With over 30 years of pri...
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  • Tonia Bojkova, M.Sc

    Tonia received her first Master of Science degree in Engineering Geophysics at the University of Mining and Geology in Sofia, Bulgaria, where her thesis research was focused on the integration and interpretation of high resolution magnetic and radiometric data collected over southeastern Bulgaria.
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  • Fabian Linares, M.Sc

    Fabian Linares is a Geophysicist from the Central University of Venezuela (Universidad Central de Venezuela).  Mr. Linares will receive his MSc in Geology in 2020.  Fabian has over 7 years of experience in geophysical survey acquisition, QA/QC, processing and interpretation of Geophysical d...
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  • Jesus Pina, P.ENG

    Jesus Pina excels in Project Management for airborne geophysics throughout the Americas. A team player, Jesus holds a proven track record with building strong working relationships with clients, pilots, & engineers, resulting in a successful survey experience.   Jesus has extensive ex...
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  • Willman Quintero, P.ENG

    Willman is a Colombian Electronics Engineer, who has been involved through invention, design, construction and operation of geophysical instrumentation.  Willman has eight years of experience in geophysics and he has supported MPX on airborne and ground  geophysical surveys throughout the A...
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  • Alexander Henao

    Alexander Henao is an electronics engineer in applied geoscience and Senior Project Manager at MPX. He understands and enjoys the operation and maintenance of airborne geophysical acquisition in both fixed-wing and rotorcraft.
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