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MPX Geophysics

Quality Control

Quality Control

It is MPX Geophysics’ general practice to ensure that good quality data is collected and processed at each stage of the project.

To support this goal, a geophysicist and/or QA/QC specialist is sent into the field with full field-office capabilities to monitor and report on the following:

  • Set-up of the equipment and aircraft
  • Pre-survey tests and calibrations
  • Collection of data in-flight
  • Evaluation of data quality as they are collected each day (QA/QC)

MPX Geophysics travels with processing software, allowing preliminary results while still in the field.

This allows us to evaluate data according to each contract’s individual specifications, correct the GPS positional data differentially, plot the flight path, calculate the digital terrain model, apply diurnal or background magnetic/radiometric corrections, and finally, conduct preliminary leveling, processing, gridding, and plotting of the data.

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