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Exploration Applications

Green Technologies Exploration

MPX Geophysics aids the discovery of key minerals that propel the green revolution. Our geophysical solutions blend advanced technologies with expert know-how to ensure precise and efficient exploration. Key benefits of our green tech exploration services:

  • Exploration of crucial minerals like copper, lithium, and cobalt
  • Use of sophisticated tools like VLF surveys and MobileMT
  • Direct contribution to green technology and a sustainable future

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Green Tech Exploration

Oil & Gas Exploration

Oil & Gas Exploration

With advanced geophysical systems, data processing, and experienced experts, MPX can support oil and gas exploration projects with precision and efficiency. Potential oil and gas exploration program applications include:

  • Mapping sedimentary basins and structural controls
  • Detecting intra-sedimentary micro-magnetic anomalies
  • Cost effectively placing seismic surveys

Mining Exploration

Utilizing advanced geophysical systems, data processing, and a team of skilled experts, MPX provides efficient and precise mining exploration services to help identify and locate mineral resources. Potential mining exploration program applications include:

  • Minerals exploration
  • Diamondiferous Kimberlite exploration
  • Regional geological mapping
Mining Exploration

Ground Water & Environmental

Groundwater & Environmental

With expertise in groundwater and environmental geology, MPX utilizes advanced geophysical techniques and processing technologies to provide comprehensive data acquisition and analysis, allowing for efficient and accurate identification of groundwater resources and environmental concerns. Potential groundwater & environmental exploration program applications include:

  • Regional geological mapping
  • Groundwater detection and mapping
  • Contamination mapping
  • Geothermal mapping
  • Environmental engineering

Engineering Applications

Through the use of advanced geophysical systems and processing technologies, MPX provides tailored airborne and ground geophysical services to support engineering applications Potential engineering applications include:

  • Regional geological mapping
  • Geothermal mapping
  • Sink-hole or subsurface void detection
  • Utility mapping
Engineering Applications

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