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Geophysical exploration of minerals required for green energy transition

Geophysical exploration of minerals required for green energy transition featuring new first of a kind LWIR Technology developed at BrightRock Gold Corp’s Arizona site.

PDF Presentation of Geophysical exploration of minerals required for the green energy transition - SPANISH

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The energy transition generates a new demand for elements that will provide raw materials for batteries and other green energy supplies. Geophysical exploration methods will be essential in the latest findings and reinterpreting previous datasets. In this case, it is necessary to understand the geological context of the different deposit types and their physical properties. Some deposits are part of the bottom part of extinct volcanoes, while others are found in the brines of high mountains. Airborne geophysics methods such as electromagnetic methods (time and frequency domain) or a combination set of magnetic and radiometric surveys could support the base for future discoveries. Relevant systems such as Hyperspectral surveys above lithium pegmatites or Electromagnetic methods for porphyry deposit exploration were mentioned.

Featured in Marco’s presentation are results from a groundbreaking hyperspectral survey carried out by SpecTIR of the BrightRock Gold Midnight Owl project near Wickenburg, Arizona. SpecTIR LLC. has made a ground-breaking discovery of lithium-bearing pegmatites with their Long Wave Infra-Red (LWIR) Aerial Fixed Wing Survey which MPX is Presenting at this Conference. This discovery marks the first successful detection of in-situ spodumene, the key lithium ore mineral.

Marco Nieto (MPX Geophysics) presented a one-hour conference with the Society of Exploration Geophysicists about how to apply different geophysical airborne techniques to support the exploration of minerals associated with the energy transition. His presentation was on August 22nd (in Spanish), and if you want to know more, you can download the presentation below.

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