About Us

MPX, who has its corporate headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with offices in South America and S/E Asia is a full services exploration company.   MPX is internationally recognized for Airborne/Ground Geophysics, Remote Sensing, and Prospecting for the Mining, O&G, Civil and Environmental Engineering Sectors.

MPX Geophysics Team

Over the years...

Over the years, the company has developed an excellent reputation for providing quality service.  The team at MPX Geophysics Ltd. has many years of combined geophysical survey and consulting experience.  MPX operates a variety of airborne platforms that are strategically positioned around the globe.

Operating from both fixed-wing and helicopter platforms, MPX Geophysics Ltd. has the ability to configure a geophysical system to meet client requirements from a single sensor magnetic system to a full horizontal and vertical gradiometer system.  Airborne Gravity and Gamma Ray Spectrometry can also be added to any surveying configuration. In addition, LiDAR and Hyperspectral data can also be acquired.

MPX Geophysics Ltd. can process all data collected in the field, and can re-process previously collected data from other sources.  Processing is based on the Geosoft Oasis Montaj software package with additional Geosoft Partner modules and custom modules.  Radiometric data can be processed using classical techniques (Geosoft RPS) or using the advanced Praga 3 software suite.

Our Suppliers

  • APG Airborne Surveys
  • Aries Aviation International
  • Canal Geomatics Inc.
  • DigitalWorld Mapping Inc.
  • Ecocopters Chile
  • Ecocopters Ecuador
  • Expert Geophysics LTD
  • Geometrics
  • Colombia Helicopters
  • Kroum VS Instruments
  • RMS Instruments
  • Radiation Solutions Inc.
  • Scintrex Ltd.
  • Sierra Alta Helicopters
  • SkyTEM
  • Terraplus Inc.

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