Quality Control

It is MPX Geophysics' general practise to ensure that good quality data is collected and processed at each stage of the project. To support this goal a geophysicist and/or QA/QC specialist is sent into the field with full field-office capabilities to monitor and report on the following:

  • Set-up of the equipment and aircraft;
  • Pre-survey tests and calibrations;
  • Collection of the data in-flight;
  • Evaluate the quality of the data as they are collected each day (QA / QC)

Since the MPX Geophysics personnel travel with processing software: the data can be evaluated according to each contract's individual specifications; the GPS positional data can be differentially corrected; the flight path can be plotted; the digital terrain model can be calculated; diurnal or background magnetic/radiometric corrections can be applied; and finally preliminary levelling, processing, gridding and plotting of the data lead to the ability to provide preliminary results while still in the field.

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