Yury Abreu

Yury Abreu #1

Yury Abreu is a geologist specializing in Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology. At the beginning of his career he consolidated as a consultant in the underground water area, working mainly in the hydrocarbon sector and sometimes in government projects in his native country, Colombia. This path led him to occupy relevant positions as a consultant in Hydrogeology for the Colombian Ministry of Environment and also to be a professor of Hydrogeology at his Alma Mater, the National University of Colombia.

He has also developed his entrepreneurial facet being partner and/or co-founder of several companies among which Mininig Business and Exploration Ltda (MIBEX), Fortuniain Mining and GMAS Ltda., the first private laboratory of specialized analysis for Geology in Colombia, stands out.  This entrepreneurial role forced him to work not only as a scientist in these companies, but also as an executive, discovering his taste and passion for the commercial and managerial area.

He arrived in Mexico 8 years ago, with the company Seequent Ltd, with the mission to consolidate Leapfrog Geo as the leading geological modeling software in the mining market, achieving this task in record time with a dizzying growth of almost 500% in just 5 years. Three months ago, we started a new adventure with MPX Geophysics (Canadian company) to bring to the mining and environmental market in Mexico and Latin America, new and innovative methods of airborne geophysical exploration in the prospecting of multiple deposits, mainly metallic.

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