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Tanana River and Big Delta airborne magnetic and radiometric survey

Tanana River Big DeltaEmond, A.M., and MPX Geophysics LTD, 2022, Tanana River and Big Delta airborne magnetic and radiometric survey: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Geophysical Report 2022

Authors: Emond, A.M., and MPX Geophysics LTD

Publication Date: Nov 2022

Publisher: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys

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Quadrangle(s): Big Delta; Charley River; Circle; Eagle; Fairbanks; Kantishna River; Livengood; Mount Hayes; Tanana

Related project(s): Tanana River and Big Delta geophysics

Citation ID: 30899

Report Information

gpr2022_001.pdf (30.8 M)

Digital Geospatial Data

Tanana River and Big Delta geophysical survey Data File Format File Size Info
Download gpr2022_001_tanana-big-delta-ascii-data ASCII tabular files 4.4 G MetadataRead me
Download gpr2022_001_tanana-big-delta-databases-geosoft Linedata Geosoft format database 4.7 G MetadataRead me
Download gpr2022_001_tanana-big-delta-documents Adobe PDF files 4.1 M MetadataRead me
Download gpr2022_001_tanana-big-delta-grids-ermapper Gridded data ER Mapper 176.8 M MetadataRead me
Download gpr2022_001_tanana-big-delta-grids-geosoft Gridded data Geosoft format 177.2 M MetadataRead me
Download gpr2022_001_tanana-big-delta-images-registered Georeferenced raster files 191.5 M MetadataRead me
Download gpr2022_001_tanana-big-delta-kmz Google Earth files 615.9 M MetadataRead me
Download gpr2022_001_tanana-big-delta-maps-geosoft Gridded data Geosoft format 566.1 M MetadataRead me
Download gpr2022_001_tanana-big-delta-maps-pdf ASCII tabular files 2.3 G MetadataRead me
Download gpr2022_001_tanana-big-delta-vector-data Shapefile 1.5 M MetadataRead me

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