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Daniel J. McKinnon


Daniel began his career in the base metal mines of New Brunswick, Canada.

He has been associated with MPX since 2006 and, through a hands-on approach to operations, has developed a comprehensive understanding of the business. Key elements of his personality, namely attention to detail, safety, and teamwork, have become indelibly imprinted on the corporate ethos of the organization.

Daniel sets high standards in all aspects of MPX’s operations, from detailed safety procedures to equipment quality. With the aid of his handpicked team of professionals, coupled with astute leadership and personal commitment, he has been privileged to see the company expand, succeed, and prosper.

Under his steadfast direction, MPX has been propelled to higher levels of service based on fundamental strategies such as industry-leading safety practices, value to the customer, commitment to socialization programs in the countries where our projects are conducted, and prioritization of involvement/interaction with local communities.

Daniel has worked extensively in North and South America, Asia, and Europe

Daniel J. McKinnon

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